About Us

The Goal

The focus of our group’s analysis is surrounding the debate on birth control and who is dominating this conversation. As our group dissects the issues surrounding gender and discourse as an organizing component of social interaction, we will look directly at whether it is men or women controlling the conversation about birth control. This relates directly to the discussion of gender and organization, as birth control is a key component of women’s care and the decisions being made about its accessibility are being decided on by mostly men.

As I shared above, our object of study is regarding who is dominating the discussion surrounding birth control and it’s coverage in our countries health care plan. Our specific area of study is focusing on media content through certain media organizations and their coverage of this topic. As each group member, there are four (4) of us, chose a media organization, we will compare and contrast what genders have what views on the topic of birth control in order to come to a conclusion as to who is dominating the conversation. Considering media organizations, specifically political talk shows covered by these media outlets, share the most contrasting views, we will be able to analyze a wide variety of opinions.

We would like our website to be a jumping off point to create a movement which helps give the public a better understanding of the coverage on certain broadcasting networks so that they can be educated on the content they are being fed.